You, Too, Can Reach “Two Miles, No Sweat!” Adventuring To Athens

Many teams have already hit two cities with no sweat and found that three cities were better yet.  See which countries have forged ahead while singing “One Mile, No Good!  Two Miles, No Sweat!”

two miles, no sweatAdventure to Athens Recap

Two weeks ago, twenty MissionFiT teams began the Adventure To Athens in honor of the Summer Olympic Games.  If you missed the release, here’s the scoop on teams and the tests they will face along the way:

Each participating team represents a specific country, just like in the actual Olympic Games.  Not only is the USA represented, but each 3 member team represents nations from Central and South America, Europe, Great Britain, the Middle East, Africa and even “Down Under”  – Australia & New Zealand.


Adventure To Athens Leader Board

How many cities have our MissionFiT teams conquered for Olympic Gold this week?

Rx’d All Inclusive

Honduras – 7

New Zealand – 5

Italy – 4

USA – 4

Austria – 4

Haiti – 4

Mexico – 2


Scaled All Inclusive

Kenya – 6

Greece – 4

Madagascar – 3

Switzerland – 3

Scotland – 3



Sweden – 5

Cayman Islands – 2


Where Are They Headed?two miles no sweat

Visit Thessaloniki with MissionFiT adventurers!  Thessaloniki is one of many cities in the Mediterranean region where the Apostle Paul spent much time preaching and teaching.  He helped bring the Word of God to a young church wondering if they will see those who have died in Christ at the coming of the Lord.   Paul also encouraged these brothers and sisters to holiness in a life for Christ.   Learn more through his letters to these churches.

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