#Coronacation Accountability


Coronacation Accountability


#Coronacation Accountability is officially in action! Working out from home is tough. People lose motivation, lose interest and quickly fall off the wagon. That’s why MissionFiT is doing everything they can to keep their athletes moving forward. From Zoom workouts to FB lives to daily check-ins and even some new events.

#Coronacation Accountability for April is…

Athlete Bingo!

Who can complete all the squares the fastest?!?! There are several areas of health on this BINGO board.  Why?  Because we, at MissionFiT, believe simply working out just won’t cut it. Five fold fitness is a must!  Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual. They all count!

Coronacation Accountability

The Events

Like any BINGO card, this event card consists of 9 boxes.  Each box contains an activity related to Five-Fold Fitness.  The activities are:

30 MissionFiT Workouts

30 Days Drinking At Least 1/2 Your Body Weight in Water (Ounces)

4 Hours In the Word (Not Counting Sermon or Teaching Prep)

30 Miles Walking Outside (Not Daily Steps)

250 Hours of Sleep

10 Acts of Genuine Kindness

30 Days of </=1 Snack Between Meals (No Over-Snacking)

1 Hour in Plank

30 Days of God-Made Food

How To Play

You accumulate days, time (hours or minutes) in a particular event as you play the game.   When you complete that activity, you’ve checked that box.  So you can work on several events each day.  For instance, you check in with Wodify for the day’s workout, then you complete it.  That’s 1 MissionFiT Workout.  Then, for a bonus round, you decide to work on your plank skill and accumulate 5 minutes.  Only 55 minutes left to complete that task.  Later, your dog begs you to go for a walk…for an hour.  As a result, you log 3 miles around the neighborhood.  You get the picture.  Keep up the work outside, inside and in your kitchen each day until all the boxes are checked.


There are 2 ways to win:

First:  The first 3 athletes to complete a line of 3 boxes in any direction, in any order, wins a prize.

Second:  The first athlete to complete all 9 boxes before the end of the game wins a bonus prize!

Athletes have 2 months (April 1 – May 31) to complete the challenge.

Redeem Your Time

So, review the activities.  Which activity will be your challenge on your “Corona-cation?”  Even if you don’t play the game, pick out an activity that will challenge you, an activity that will help keep you on course or a new activity to help improve your wellness.  Then, at the end of your challenge, you can stand up and shout “BINGO!”


#CoronacationAccountability, fit man next to an unfit man


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