A “Method” To The Madness

There Is A "Method" To Running Madness.  Learn To Run Efficiently! Many of us believe that once we tie up the shoe laces and head outdoors we are ready to run.  However, it isn't that easy.  MissionFiT offers a short seminar to teach athletes run mechanics through the Pose Method.  Take some time to adjust bad habits and learn the "method" [...]

MissionFiT’s New Class

Come Join MissionFiT's Newest Class:  RECLAIM MissionFiT is intentional about helping folks help themselves, especially when those folks are in the tougher times of life.  Maybe you or someone you know is in a season of life that seems everything sets off a new problem until the camel has taken on his last straw.  If so, then Reclaim, MissionFiT's newest [...]

Why Doesn’t God?

Do You Ever Ask "Why Doesn't God...?" At some point in our lives, ALL of us have asked "Why doesn't God...?" Suffering Is Not An Option.. Sometimes, we find ourselves in circumstances of our own making.  We make a decision on impulse.  Maybe the decision was thought out, the results were quite different from what we expected.  Sometimes, with the [...]

A New Year Means Check-Ups

Don’t Forget Your Check-Up For The New Year A new year usually means check-ups.  Annual check-ups on your car, your pets and yourself.  If you are part of the MissionFiT family of athletes, then you should know the importance of getting a physical every year.   It’s Still Early in the Year...I’ll Get My Check-Up Soon Sometimes, procrastination is a [...]

PTSD & Trauma: Struggling & Getting Help

Are You Struggling With PTSD Or Trauma And Not Getting Help? "Danny", a US Army Veteran, had PTSD & Trauma, was struggling and not getting help.  He said, "We joked about [PTSD & Trauma] because we were afraid what was happening to us...made us weak and that was something that was not acceptable".  Many people do not seek help when [...]

“RESTORE” Adds New Features!

"RESTORE" Class Adds New Features To Each Session! If you haven't tried MissionFiT's RESTORE Classes, now is the time as new features will bring more stretching, mobility and flexibility to your routine. What Is "RESTORE"? "Restore" classes were first introduced in December 2020.  Now the class is a permanent addition to the MissionFiT class line-up.  Class is offered twice a [...]

Wear Your MissionFiT Gear!

Now You Can Wear Your MF Gear Year-Round! MissionFiT now offers all-temperature gear so you can wear your allegiance year-round! But The Garage Has Heat... Maybe so.  But you still have to get to the garage.  Besides, you want to look good, right?  That's why MissionFiT has commissioned a local vendor to create sweatshirts specific to MissionFiT. And When The [...]

Inside Out Fitness

Fitness:  Inside Out The first thing you might think of when talking about inside out fitness is a tee shirt fresh from the dryer. Chances are it's inside out.  The tag sticks out.  The seams are showing and if the shirt is branded, you can't see the graphic.  You won't wear it like that.  You look bad.  But fitness inside [...]

2020: A Year-End Review

2020:  A Special Year-End Review 2020 is a "special" year for a year-end review.  And, MissionFiT has done a special year-end review of what has been accomplished by the athletes and ministry alike, and has sketched out the ministry's focus for the coming year. A Year-End Review of ALL Your Gifts in 2020 As an employee at the Billy Graham [...]

The Finish Line!

MissionFiT's Challenge the National Parks Reaches the Finish Line! MissionFiT's Hiking Teams have reached the finish line at last!  Each team is transitioning from foot work to "Fall" work, including new school schedules and home routines for kids and parents, alike.  And where do they hang up their hiking boots?  On the coconut trees of the tropical islands of Hawaii [...]