Did you know there’s a connection between Stress, Fat, and Faith?

You may be hitting a plateau and quite frustrated. You’re eating clean, working out hard and not shedding those last “x” amount of pounds. Hmmmm…..how’s your stress level these days?


Stress, Fat, and Faith, a picture of the words "how stress affects the body" in orange red and blue

“Stress is a fact of life.

Chronic high stress can cause surges in your cortisol levels.

Hi cortisol levels will contribute to weight gain and to your difficulty in losing weight.

Effective stress management can help reduce your cortisol levels.

Lower cortisol levels will help you lose weight… and improve your health.”


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Dale Fletcher, of Faith and Health Connection has collected some wonderful resources on this topic, like this 2-minute automatic PowerPoint – Stress and Your Health. What Does God Have to Do With It?


Click here to check out Faith and Health Connection’s research gathering and learn more.