“Anxious For Nothing”

"But This Is REAL To Me!  How Can You Say "Be Anxious For Nothing"?!? Anxiety IS Real The Bible gives multiple verses and passages in which anxiety is mentioned or addressed.  The statement "Be anxious for nothing..." is part of a larger passage in which the Apostle Paul encourages the Philippian church to do several things to help alleviate fear, [...]

13 Remarkable Health Benefits of Getting Outdoors

13 Remarkable Health Benefits of Getting Outdoors When you go on vacation with kids or other family or friends, someone in the car, on the plane or on the train will say "Are we there yet?"  There's some frustration built into the question, especially if it's from a younger member of your family.  However, it's good for the mind, body [...]

2019’s Fittest Pastor in Charlotte is Pastor Kenny Klinect

We are so pleased to announce the winner of this year's Iron Sharpen's Iron Pastor FiTness competition, Pastor Kenny Klinect! "When we each make personal gains through improved overall health, we have the opportunity to equip others to do the same so that they might be able to be more effective in all that God has called them to be." [...]

Six Things Soldiers and Pastors Have in Common That You Should Know

Intriguing title here, right? Pastors reading this, you're probably thinking 'What could I possibly have in common with a military guy'. In our heads, pastors actually have quite a bit in common with them.   Six Things Soldiers and Pastors Have in Common That You Should Know: 1. They train really hard for the field but really can't comprehend the depth of [...]

Summer and Fall “ReStart Your Heart” Registration Opens Monday!

Mark your Calendars! Summer and Fall "ReStart Your Heart" Registration opens Monday! Check out our new video, stay tuned,  and join the movement!   https://vimeo.com/265443049   For more on our Programs, click here.    

Superhero Powered Pastor

Generations Pastor, Pastor Patrick from Carmel Baptist Church recently learned how to do double-unders and crushed 204 of them in todays workout partnered with 64 thrusters! Go Patrick go! https://youtu.be/sVjlupdFF80

ReStart Your Heart Mid-Program Movement Collage

Here's just a few pics from the first half of this flight's ReStart Your Heart experience! These pastors are crushing their goals and seeing lots of transformation in multiple areas of their lives. We couldn't be more proud of them!  

What Pastors Are Saying About Starting Their Journey Into The ReStart Your Heart Program

Last week, a new flight of Pastors launched into our ReStart Your Heart Program.     It's been a blessing to start building new relationships with these leaders. Learning leaders "why's" and "why not's" behind fitness and wellness is always intriguing. At the start of their journey, we ask 4 questions. Find out what our pastors are saying about their [...]

Launch Night with Faith & Health Connection

We had a great Launch Night with Faith & Health Connection for our newest flight of Christian leaders going through the "ReStart Your Heart" Program!     Founder, Kelsey Elmore, opened the night up with a short welcome keynote on "You're health is not all about you". In a leadership role, your presence and performance is paramount. So your health and [...]

It’s LAUNCH Day!

Happy launch day to all our Christian leaders starting in the "ReStart Your Heart" Program today!