Neural Mural

Check out our Neural Mural! We're having fun building neural pathways this month!  

Compass & Light: A Series on Mental Health

Compass & Light: A Series on Mental Health Seven Videos on Mental Health Topics from Silent Images Many people in our culture have personal or indirect experience with some form of mental health.  We may think of Suicide, Depression or Bi-Polar Disorder when the term "mental health" is mentioned in conversation.  Yet other disorders, such as Anorexia or Bulimia, are [...]

ReStart in Review

ReStart in Review   We’re just over the halfway point in our most recent launch of Christian leaders in our ReStart Your Heart Program and we wanted to share all about the successes our Christian Leader Athletes are experiencing!   Here are some of those successes:   FITNESS: Weight loss and body reshaping Increased muscle mass and toning Greater endurance [...]

3 Simple Forms of Self-Care That Improve Your Mental Health

3 Simple Forms of Self-Care That Improve Your Mental Health Guest Blogger from   “Self-care” has become a bit of a buzzword of late. It is a major wellness trend, with reporting that over half of millennial women had made self-care their main New Year’s resolution for 2018. Because of this, it can be easy to dismiss self-care as [...]

Your Gut is Your Second Brain

Did you know you have two brains? Did you know the 2nd one is actually more important to care for than the 1st?     "Do you suffer from brain fog, difficulty making decisions, anxiety, depression, and mood swings, or attention disorders such as ADD or ADHD? If so you’ve probably been told that those traits are just a part [...]

Veteran Wellness Program, Iron Eagles – Part 2

As a Christian Fitness Ministry, we have our own Foundation called Iron Eagles, which is a Veteran Wellness Program. We provide a holistic wellness program for veterans so they can experience a healthier transition to civilian life. Weeks back we looked at some general facts on Veterans and their health. Today, we are focusing in on the: Connection between Physical [...]