Workout Wednesday - the words written in orance with a teal kettlebell as the "O"





Mobility & Flexibility

Take 10 minutes to complete a general mobilization from feet to head, then a general stretch from feet to head.


3 rounds of:
Hold a plane position for 20 seconds on each side
10 Hand release Pushups 10 air squats to a chair


50 bear crawl steps
20 sec elbow plank
10 forward jumps (feet together jumping) over a 12″” object (modify height if need)
Rest 1 minute
4 rounds

Cool Down

2 minutes of medium pace walking to calm the heart rate down at a safe pace, then stretches of your choice.


Gluten is detrimental to our system for numerous reasons:
1. highly correlated with autoimmune disease
2. highly correlated with high blood pressure, lipid levels, cholesterol.
3. Gut irritant that can lead to leaky gut syndrome and celiac disease
4. Creates inflammation throughout the body


A jim Gaffigan quote with him in the background ont he mic in a black collared shirt


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