Our First Bingo Winner!

1st Bingo Winner Announced


Announcing Sally Hentz as our first bingo winner! Sally complete three consecutive blocks on the MissionFit Bingo Board.

If you recall…

MissionFit Corona-cation Bingo consists of nine blocks of activities:

  • 30 Days of MissionFit Workouts
  • 30 Days of Water
  • 4 Hours in the Word of God
  • 30 Miles Walking Outside
  • 250 Hours of Sleep
  • 10 Acts of Kindness
  • 30 Days of God-Made Food
  • 30 Days w/1 Snack per Day
  • 1 Hour Accumulated in Plank

These activities cover the gambit of the “Mission” in MissionFit:  The ability to maintain overall health and wellness as a lifestyle, not just a fad.

Sally says…

“Being healthy during the Covid-19 Coronacation has not been as hard as I thought it would be.  My office began a trial work from home schedule on March 16th.  That, of course, turned into a stay at home order from the governor on March 18th

I am so thankful that all the craziness surrounding us has happened at this time of the year.  We are so fortunate to be able to get out and enjoy all the spring flowers and weather by walking, running or biking.  Most times in the spring I enjoy getting out a few times a week to enjoy the weather.   But this year I have been out exploring different streets around my neighborhood daily.

When this is over and we are back to whatever our “normal” is going to look like, I hope that we don’t forget this time when we were forced to slow down and smell the flowers.”

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Keep Playing!

Even though Sally has claimed one prize, there’s still another prize up for grabs to the first athlete to complete the entire Bingo board.  Continue the good work and finish well!

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