You Made It!  This Is Week #4 of the ISI 2021 Competition

Week #4 ISI 2021The Final Week!  Congratulations for making it to Week #4 of the ISI 2021 Fitness Event.    It’s been quite a trip hasn’t it?  You’ve been tested with full-body workouts, endurance and some strength.  In a short time, you’ve probably had to learn a few things on the fly.  That’s OK!  Because it’s part of competing.  Let’s see what’s on the whiteboard this week:

The Workout:  Week #4

Run Forest Run

Complete a 5K!


Under 50Rx = 5K

50+Rx = 2 miles

Under 50 Scaled = 2 miles

50+ = 1.5 miles


Each athlete will complete their mileage. Athletes may walk, run, jog, skip, whatever, but you must be on foot!  This run is for time so be sure to record your time.  Your time counts toward your overall score.  Before you get started, review this video from Coach Noah!

From Home Or Garage

Remember, you have until Sunday, May 30 to complete the workout #4.  In addition, you can pursue a better score by completing the workout as many times as you wish.  However, you must submit the final score no later than Sunday, May 30.  Since this is the final workout, overall winners will be announced once the scores from all 4 weeks of competition have been tabulated and finalized.

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