Founder and History of MissionFiT

Kelsey Elmore, the spunky little yankee now planted in a southern world is living her dream, as Founder of MissionFiT: restoring physical health to the body of Christ so they can thrive in ministry for the long haul. Kelsey has spent over a decade in the wellness industry with a broad range of experience from owning and operating gyms to working on a corporate level with big brands, helping launch faith based fitness entities and managing sportscasters.

Having such a broad experience in the Health and Wellness field, she found that true health is a complicated animal. You can’t just get fit from showing up to a fitness class. Your nutrition, which is different per person plays a part. Your wellness habits like sleep and water and vitamins matter. Your social support circle matters. Your mental and emotional health matters. If certain areas are off kilter, it throws the overall health balance off.

One day, God opened up her eyes to the poor health of Christian leaders. After spending some time researching the “why” she came to the conclusion that their bodies just weren’t strong enough to withstand the demands of the career…and here birthed MissionFiT. A holistic wellness ministry designed to get the body of Christ healthy with special initiatives for at risk people groups, like Christian leaders.

She is now thrilled to have brought her expertise over to the Christian community. With a passion to truly impact lives, she’s always excited to start serving the next community.


Get to Know Our Community

Matthew Thomas, Reboot Ministry Leader: “I’ve realized Health is like time and money: if you don’t manage them, they will manage you. Like most leaders, I tend to put everything else first. I now put my health and well-being FIRST, and realize the healthier I become, the healthier other parts of my life have become, especially my marriage.” Nov 2017


Brian Duley, Nikao Church Senior Pastor: “MissionFiT was instrumental in providing me with some very important take-aways.  My wholeness is connected to my wellness. That it’s not enough to steward my time, talent, & treasure well; but also steward my temple well.  That self-care & fitness isn’t selfish, but one of the best gifts I can give my family, church & God.” Mar 2018


Nic Schrieber, New City Pastor: “We need to train our bodies in such a way that we have the energy, self-control and clarity of focus so that we can be faithful to live for the Gospel as long as we are permitted by God to live. MissionFiT’s not just a wellness program, but about patterns and perspective shifts that will work to encourage your spirit, train your body for many more years of faithful ministry, and give you some camaraderie for the journey!” Apr 2018


John Martyn, Missionary: “I’ve grown in my confidence with overcoming obstacles, which has helped me in my fight against sin.” Oct 2016


Debbie Bishop, Bolivia’s Best Ministry Leader: “Six months ago, my total cholesterol triglycerides were high. I told my doctor to give me 6 months to see if I could make a difference. Exercise made all the difference, but when you add eating well & vitamins, you have the whole package & can’t help but succeed. Thanks MissionFiT for the role you played in my return to health.” Jan 2017


Jeremy Amick, Carmel Baptist Church Pastor: “I began this journey out of conviction.  I have enjoyed good health and fitness in the past.  While I may not ever get back to the speed, agility, and stamina I had as an 18 year old, I can carry a lighter burden by making wise health choices and relieving stress through exercise not candy bars and Cherry Coke.” Feb 2018


Anonymous: “Thanks for your investment in me and my family and getting me back on the right track health wise. Also, huge encouragement I have officially been off any anxiety medication for almost 2 months now and I am feeling pretty good. That is in large part due to the work of the Lord and exercise and eating better to take care of my gut. So Thank You!” Sept 2018