Carmel Cares, A Church Leadership Team Getting FiT!

Carmel Cares, so they're getting FiT, so they can serve stronger!     Carmel Baptist Church is one of the church teams we're serving this season and it's been more than a blessing to serve them. The encouragement to one another, the dedication to make healthy changes in life, the life within the group is just inspiring to watch. So [...]

7 Bible Verses to Motivate You to Exercise

"Some Christians believe it is selfish to take time to exercise or view it as a waste of time, but our bodies are gifts from God. We are stewards, in a sense, so it’s important to take time to care for them. By being fit and healthy, we are also better able to carry out our God-given vocation on earth. [...]

One FiT Pastor, Ken Schmidt

Another round of Pastors have just completed our ReStart Your Heart Program and we couldn't be more pleased with the results! As you've seen, we've been sharing the stories of our most recent 3 success stories. Today's spotlight athlete is Pastor Ken Schmidt of Church at Charlotte. Ken can light up any room with the energy he brings, and now [...]

Meet Jan Tiffany – Testimony Tuesday

Meet Jan Tiffany and hear her personal fitness story. Testimony Tuesday is where we celebrate a personal fitness story from a fellow Christian pursuing a FiT life. We all love hearing FiTness testimonies. However, here at MissionFiT, our "FiT" has more than just one meaning. Physical fitness, of course, but there's an even deeper meaning for us. Faithful in Training [...]