Inflammation, many people don’t know, is becoming “the silent killer”…and often it is self induced.

Inflammation - the Silent Killer, the human body in blue with red dots of inflammation


Listen to Charlotte local Dr. Matthew on the subject as he breaks it down – the cause, the effect, AND the solution!


“Chronic inflammation affects millions of people.  This enormity of this health problem exceeds 95% of all other diseases, including arthritis, heart disease, obesity, cancer and more.  Yet, many people are unaware that they are suffering with inflammation.  They may simply feel under the weather, in pain, or out-of-sorts.  They may have been living life for so long in the throes of inflammation that they simple think that they are “normal.” They forget what it’s like to feel good.  They deserve better, and so do you.  Inflammation is dangerous.  Its important to learn techniques and tools that can help everyone stay healthy and reduce the chance of inflammation in the body. 

When you learn to limit the inflammation in your body, you can start to live a healthier, happier, and pain free life. Doing it is not as difficult as you might think either. There are quite a few options for reversing inflammation in the body and best of all, they are natural options. Best of all, you can make sure they are natural options. Before resorting to prescription medications, try some of the following healthy options for removing inflammation in the body. These options might be the only ones you need.”

Inflammation – The Silent Killer


Inflammation - the silent killer, Dr. Matthew talking on Good morning Charlotte