“SUCCESS” describes this last flight of Pastors completing our “ReStart Your Heart” beginner wellness program.


Pastors Find Success in ReStart Your Heart Wellness Program, group of pastors huddled together smiling for the camera


Our hope and prayer is always that these pastors and leaders would become Faithful in Training so they can be FiT for the mission to which the Lord has called them…and we know God heard us!


This group came eight weeks ago; many not working out, some just running, most very restricted in their mobility and, across the board, nutrition, hydration and sleep became hot topics. Each participant was given an “ICP” (Individualized Care Plan) so they could work on specific goals within our small group setting. We held them accountable and provided a ton of education along the way. They were inspired for change and put in hard work to get their temples back on a track to total temple health.


Ministry partner, Dale Fletcher opened up the program teaching on the fourth area of service:

  • Time

  • Talent

  • Treasures



Without number four solidly in place, the first three are hard to accomplish with excellence. However, when we refer to Temple Health, we are really seeking “total temple health” – spiritual fitness, mental fitness, emotional fitness, and physical fitness. Each overlaps the other and all play a part in supporting a healthy temple.


Pastors Find Success in ReStart Your Heart Wellness Program, hands in together


These pastors and leaders took that to heart and saw gains in every aspect of health! We couldn’t be more pleased. If you remember, the three churches that were represented in this group were Carmel Baptist Church, Church at Charlotte and Nikao Church. Impactful churches in our city and wonderful leaders to work with! Here are some success highlights from this flight of Charlotte leaders:


  • Dropped 15 pounds.
  • More energy to serve.
  • Marriage improved.
  • Sleeping quality improved; not waking up in the middle of the night anymore.
  • Playing tag with kids again.
  • Nutrition dialed in.
  • Sleeping a bit more and her family sees a difference in her in a positive way.
  • Increased hydration, no longer feels the “want” for a soda.
  • Mobility significantly increased.
  • Doubled time in a plank hold.
  • More efficient in the work day.
  • Mind in a better place and freed up to work on other things.


How was performance?  

Simply put…massive gains!  Compare workout times from Class #1 to Class #12 for some of our leaders:


Pastors Find Success in ReStart Your Heart Wellness Program, the whiteboard with start and finish times

Stay tuned for the next few months and read individual success stories on “Testimony Tuesdays”!



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