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Each course is specific to a topic for Spiritual/Emotional Fitness, Overall Wellness and Class Notes.  Class Notes are a review of exercises and mobility work covered during coaching sessions.



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Class Number Spiritual/Emotional Fitness Wellness Class Notes
1 Understanding Stress Technology’s Impact on Health Lower Body Mobility
2 Connecting Faith & Health Spine Health Upper Body Mobility
3 Sin, Stress & Health Part 1 Hydration Centering/Mediation
4 Understanding Types of Stress Sports Drinks & Protein Shakes Physical Fitness
5 Sin, Stress & Health Part 2 3 Types of Rest Kettle Bell (KB) Bench Press
6 How Stress Affects the Body Sleep Side Plank, Lateral Bound, Burpee, Bear Crawl

KB Dead Lift

7 Stress Management Techniques to Calm Down Russian Twist, Cross Body Plank, Frog Leg Plank
8 Vagus Nerve Fasting Goblet Squat, Shoulder Tap, KB Row, Fly

Opposite Toe Touch

9 Faith & Health

Spiritual Exercise Part 2

Vitamins Lunge

Chair Dip

10 Anxiety Gut & God Made Food Running
11 Sin, Stress & Health Part 3 Breakfast & Cautionary Foods KB Swing, Hollow Hold

Hand Release Push-Up

12 Depression Breakfast & Deceitful Foods Bulgarian Split Squats, Mountain Climber

Inch Worm

13 Trauma & PTSD Lunch & Glycemic Index Step-Up, KB Shoulder Press, KB Push Press
14 Grief Lunch & Nutrition Psych Alternate Toe Touch


Burpee Broad Jump

15 Body Image & Eating Disorders Dinner & Cravings Jump Rope, Singles & Double Unders
16 Faith & Health

Spiritual Exercise Part 1

Dinner Skull Crushers

Sumo Dead Lift

17 Faith & Health 

Spiritual Exercise Part 3

Snacks Sumo Dead Lift Hi-Pull


18 Change Inside to Change Outside Meal Planning & Budgeting Meal Planning/Prep Day
19 Is Your Identity In Christ or Your Body? Balance Food KB Clean

Bring a Friend to Class 

20 Boundaries Calorie Intake KB Lat Pull-Over, Arnold Press, Bring A Friend 
21 Faith & Health 

Spiritual Exercise Part 4

Social Health More on Social  Health & Bring A Friend To Class
22 Food Psychology Habits Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension, KB Side Bends

Shoulder Raise (Front & Side)

23 Faith & Health 

Spiritual Exercise Part 5

Eating Out & 

Eating When Traveling

ReStart Exit Assessment + Pendlay Row

Seated Shoulder Press, Hi Pull Accessory Work

1 Leg Lateral Suicides, Thruster, Squat Jump

24 Culture of Health Dessert & Alcohol Retest!






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