Let’s equip you for making some great choices when it comes to snacking!

Go back to the basics…what are the 3 components to building a meal?



So now all we need to do is build some meals that have each of those components in them that play in a God-made space.

Protein                                   Carb                                      Fat

Chicken (in Chx salad)                                Fruit or veggies                                               Mayo or Avocado

Greek Yogurt + Collagen or                          Blueberries                                                       Greek Yogurt

Protein Powder

Jerky                                                 Dried Fruit                                           Nuts


Miss your old meals?

Well, simply can google or pinterest any meal you love + the word “paleo” behind it and find a healthy version of the things you love.


Here’s some other favorites from Coach/Chef Sarah:

Protein balls

Tuna poppers