Making space for God in your soul:

When you are faithful in silent meditation… you will slowly experience yourself in a deeper way. Because in this useless hour and which you do nothing “ important”, you have to come to terms with your basic powerlessness, you have to feel your fundamental inability to solve your or other people’s problems or to change the world. When you do not avoid that experience but live through it, you will find out that your many projects, plans, and obligations become less urgent, crucial, and important and lose their power over you. -Abbot John Eudes Bamberger to Henri Nouwen

Who knew? So meditation is a very rapid fire way of immediately calming the sympathetic nervous system, letting the amygdala show out, and allowing parasympathetic activity, allowing the prefrontal cortex immediately to come on line, and do its thing. We can demonstrate this on various sophisticated brain imaging studies and actually see how meditation immediately lights up the prefrontal cortex and calms the amygdala. And the more you do it, the more indelible that becomes. The world is less threatening, the immune system is better, blood sugar control is good, blood pressure is better, and…it’s free!

Practice centering/meditation with Coach Cindy before the next class.