Spiritual FiTness with FaithandHealthConnection.org

Connecting Faith and Health


Refer to the Spiritual Fitness Worksheet in your Athlete Playbook with Class #2.


Watch this teaching and follow along below:


Impact of Unhealthy Behaviors & Poor Health 


On the Individual

  • Shame & guilt of sin > hid & cover > low self identity/worth
  • Less energy and ability to function & serve w/ our talents/gifts
  • Time spent on health issues not available for service
  • Diminished ability to fully contribute to all relationships
  • Affects our witness
  • Economic: Increased health care costs. Less $ available for giving
  • Generally less fruit


On God and His Kingdom

  • God’s temple is poorly honored and cared for
  • Unhealthy model for the congregation
  • Congregation/ministry receives less of your service
  • Fewer people being served
  • Fewer people being reached with the Gospel
  • Less $ available for doing Kingdom work
  • God is less known
  • God receives less glory