Dessert + Alcohol


Today’s Teaching Video from Coach Kelsey:



If you’re one who likes to have desserts at home, read through the below ideas + the ones in the cookbook and come up with 3 options your family might try.

If you’re one who likes to have a drink here and there, evaluate what you typically drink and if you need to make any changes.



It’s inevitable that we will have dessert from time to time. If you go out for an event, that’s one thing. If you’re at home doing dessert, that’s another and we’d encourage you to do it with quality. The high processed sugars, heavy dairy, gluten, dyes and chemicals are so devastating to the body. There’s tons of cleaner options.

Additionally, you do NOT need dessert every night. Shoot for 2-3 times a week with something cleaner and smaller and you’ll be in a good spot. But watch out for it not impacting your fasting window.

In your E-Cookbook, there’s an entire Dessert section with decadent options.


Here’s an additional few favorites from Coach Sarah:


Alcohol, a poison to humans, has a lethal dose. According to the World Health Organization, it was directly responsible for one out of every 20 deaths worldwide in 2016. It is a causal factor in over 200 diseases known to man. And it does the opposite of hydrate you. No amount of alcohol is healthy, but your body can tolerate a small amount most days without too much harm the caveat, of course, being adequate hydration during this time.

Keep your alcohol consumption to one drink per day or, at most two drinks per day. remember this is not a contest. Skip some days.

When the alcohol reaches your body there is no mechanism to store the energy that is in alcohol so the body will metabolize the calories in alcohol before it uses any other energy sources. This means that instead of metabolizing fat the body will be working on the alcohol. For example with specific diets: It will not put you out of ketosis but heavily delay your weight loss results.


Red Wines (5oz)

  • Merlot: 3.7g carbohydrates and 120 calories
  • Pinot Noir: 3.4g carbohydrates and 121 calories
  • Cabernet: 3.8g carbohydrates and 120 calories


White Wines (5oz)

  • Chardonnay: 3.7g carbohydrates and 118 calories
  • Riesling: 5.5g carbohydrates and 118 calories
  • Champagne/Sparkling whites: 1.5g carbohydrates and 96 calories


Hard Alcohol:

  • Vodka: 0g carbohydrates and 128 calories
  • Whiskey: 0g carbohydrates and 130 calories
  • Tequila: 0g carbohydrates and 130 calories
  • Gyn: 0g carbohydrates and 114 calories


Hard Cider:

Cleaner but typically higher sugar content. 


Hard Seltzer:

Low carb and low sugar, however, some chemicals added for flavoring.



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