A Culture of Health. Key Takeaways

In this final session I’ll explore how important it is to create and maintain a Culture of Health at our worksites and churches. I’ll also summarize the key takeaways of the Spiritual Fitness teachings.

Please watch this video and follow along with the below content:

Key Takeaways         

  • Your unhealthy responses to life & stress contribute to poor health.
  • Your spiritual wounds  & unmet spiritual needs contribute to unhealthy behaviors & poor health.
  • God’s prescription, for attending to many root issues of poor health, is found in the Bible.
  • Your poor health adversely  impacts  on you personally as well as on your effectiveness as leaders and on the Kingdom of God.
  • The impact of your health can be motivation to change.
  • Your organization’s culture  is an important factor for your health. 
  • We are committed to be a resource  for your health & wellbeing.



PathWay 2 Wholeness

  • A Whole-Person Health Discipleship Initiative
  • How God designed us for whole-person health
  • Why and how we mess it up. The impact
  • 42 biblical principles to care for our spirit, soul & body
  • God’s 2 Great Commandments
  • Our Relationship with God, Self, Others
  • Key medical principles to care for our body
  • Healthy relationships and our life purpose
  • Develop a personal growth plan


  • 10 weeks, conducted locally by trained Faith and Health Ambassadors
  • Talks w/ Power Points, group discussions/activities
  • Text: The Bible, God, Medicine and Miracles
  • Participant Guide
  • Materials cost = ~ $25.00/person