1. Track your wellness.

2. Reading:

Preventing Ministry Failure

Foundation Stone 1, Pages  33-47

Emotionally Healthy Leader

Read Chapter 1, Pages 36-50

Emotionally Healthy Woman

In light of Chapter 1, process through these questions:

1. Describe a recent situation when you either avoided saying what you really thought or felt, or said yes when you really wanted to say no.

2. Read Exodus 32:1-8 & 19-21
A. As a sense of anxiety grows among the people during Moses’ long absence, with whom do you most identify?
B. How might Aaron’s response have been different if he had not been afraid of what others thought but had instead remained deep and secure in the love of God?

3. The next time you find yourself in a similar situation, what can you do to slow yourself down and respond thoughtfully and truthfully?

4. What is one step you can take to stop being afraid of what others think?