“Pounding Heart, Sweaty Palms & Jitters” Part 2

Recall The Physical

Last session we talked about the physical symptoms that come along with worry, doubt, nervousness or even excitement. Those signs can be interpreted in two different ways and can produce very different reactions.


Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

When you view anxiety as negative and threatening, it will clearly hurt your performance. If you see anxiety as an indication that you’re getting prepared for a big event, then the feeling is not anxiety. Rather, it is excitement Then you can see the anxiety you feel in a more positive light.
Your body will begin to react and send you signs that it is ‘getting ready’ to perform. You decide how you view these feelings. Decide the nervousness you feel will energize you. You are ready, excited, prepared, pumped and optimistic.

Accept the “uncomfortable” sensations as a gift and a sign that you’re on the right path. Then everything changes. Your perspective and mood will be enhanced, which sets you up for a better performance. As a result, you can perform your best in spite of clammy hands, elevated heart rate and jitters in your gut.


Try These Ideas

-First, think to yourself “It’s okay to be experiencing this. It’s part of doing something I care about”
-Share what you’re feeling or experiencing with someone
-Use your body language to show enthusiasm and excitement. Smile, high five someone, dance around, keep your body moving. This often works far better than trying “not to be nervous”
-Say things out loud like “I’m excited.”  “What a cool opportunity!” “This is so much fun!”  Continue to show your gratitude, passion and happiness for being there.


A. What will be helpful for you to think about when you get nervous as you’re getting ready to perform?

B. Have your nerves ever gotten the best of you in the past? How and why?  Could you have done anything differently to better handle them?