Eating Out + Fueling Your Body in College

Today’s Teaching Video from Coach Kelsey:



Look up the menus from 3 of your most common restaurants to eat out at. Find 2 healthy meal options at each one so you can be prepared the next time you go out.



It’s definitely possible to eat healthy while eating out. It just comes down to remembering your basics – Protein – Carb – Fat. Knowing what’s what and looking at the menu to fill those categories. Here’s some tips…

Part 1: Mastering Restaurant Eating

Do your Research!

  • Ask Around 
  • Search Online
  • Recommend Places You’ve Found or Heard About When Dining w/Friends


Don’t show up starving!


What to drink?

  • Water with lemon
  • Seltzer or Club



  • Choose Meat or Veggies


Hold the bread!

  • Ask Wait-staff not to bring bread to the table
  • Don’t fill up on the junk that comes first. Save it for the awesome meal you’re about to choose from the menu. 


Main Dish should Contain:

  • Protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs)
  • Carb (Fruits & Veggies)
  • Fat ( Olive Oil, Butter, Coconut Milk, Avocado)


Create Your Own Meal!

Pretty much everywhere is accustom to people requesting tweaks to meals. Don’t be afraid to ask for that.


Breakfast Ideas:

  • Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, ham, & steak
  • Fruit 
  • Perhaps an omelet with veggies mixed in.


Part 2: Fueling Your Body in College


Dining Halls

  • Meat! You may have a grill station where you can get a burger without the bun or freshly grilled chicken. There may be a sub station where you can opt for a lettuce wrap. Pack it full of sliced meats and raw veggies! Hot entrees are hit or miss. A lot of times your options will be drowning in a fatty/sugary sauce or deep fried in junky oil. Be on the lookout for healthier options.
  • Eggs! You may have an omelet station where you either build your own or order as you go through the line (like Chipotle). Easy way to get some protein, healthy fat, and carbs (add some veggies!)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables! You will probably have a salad bar. Become best friends with the salad bar! Load up on some leafy greens and colorful add ons! There will also be hot vegetable sides available. These are great! But be aware of breading, lots of oil, and globs of cheese. 
  • Safe starches! Roasted or baked potatoes will most likely be served daily. These are ok once in a while. Plain white rice is good too. 
  • Healthy fats! If you can find some guacamole, get some! You can dip raw veggies in it, put it on your burger/chicken, or add it to your salad. Use some olive oil and vinegar as a dressing on your salad. Eggs.


Dorm Room Equipment and Meal/Snack Ideas

  • Microwave: oatmeal (add a spoonful of almond butter before microwaving and a scoop of protein after microwaving!) If your fridge has a freezer compartment, check out Real Good pizzas (healthy frozen pizza. They also have other types of frozen/microwavable dishes.) 
  • Mini fridge: almond milk, guacamole/hummus single serving packs, baby carrots, other raw veggies, deli sandwich meat, boiled eggs
  • Single serving blender: Smoothies! A great breakfast or lunch option! Protein powder, almond milk, almond/peanut butter, fruit (snagged from the dining hall!)
  • Protein shaker bottle: for a quick protein shake! 
  • Other groceries: beef jerky, dried fruit, nuts, larabars, protein bars



  • Keep healthy snacks on hand – you can often snag something to go from the dining hall!
  • Be intentional about hanging onto leftovers if you go out!
  • Don’t try to be perfect! If you go out with your friends, go out with your friends! View the dining hall as a tool. The dining hall has healthy things made for you already! Take advantage of it! 
  • Use Myfitnesspal to look for some healthier options from any of the on campus restaurants. It may be a good day for a Chik-fil-a sandwich! Or you may be motivated to compare that with some other options. Which option has the most protein? Healthier carbs? Better fat?  
  • Check out @themacrobarista on instagram and in Myfitnesspal. He takes high calorie starbucks drinks and recreates them in a much more macro-friendly way! Find the drink you normally order, and check out his healthier version.