Lunch Time!

Let’s equip you for making some great choices when it comes to lunch!

While you might be thinking “Oh no, you’ve just taken away all my meals”, don’t worry, there’s PLENTY of options.

Let’s start with the basics…what are the 3 components to building a meal?



So now all we need to do is build some meals that have each of those components in them that play in a God-made space.

Protein                                   Carb                                      Fat

Chicken (in Chx salad)                            Fruit of veggies in the mix                           Mayo or Avocado

Meat in the chili                                            Veggies in the chili                                      Some in meat,                                                                                                                                                                 some in cooking oil

Chicken                                                               Salad                                                                 Dressing

Miss your old meals?

Well, simply can google or pinterest any meal you love + the word “paleo” behind it and find a healthy version of the things you love.


Don’t have much time to make lunch? Here’s some ideas:

  1. Get a tub of chicken, tuna or egg salad to eat off of during the week and add some veggies to dip in.
  2. Make a batch of chili at the beginning of the week to eat off of.
  3. Protein shakes – almond milk, coconut milk, or coconut water base with protein powder and some berries and ice. Here’s some more great shake recipes:
  4. Full fat No sugar Greek yogurt with vanilla protein powder and berries.
  5. Protein Bar.


Here’s some more awesome cooking hacks!