Here are some videos that demonstrate pose running drills.

Practice is important to get the technique down, so feel free to use these drills as part of a workout or warm-up or just run through them as a regular workout.  


This video is a compilation of drills.  It is short and to the point.


The following is a series of 4 videos, explaining the different drills and the reasons behind them.  These videos are very informative and can help as you practice your form. Watch first, then practice.


Next, this video talks about knee flexion. The instructor goes over a very common running error.  So if nothing else, this video helps you learn what NOT to do!


Next, this video opens with the Foot Pull on Wall, Forward Lean w/Foot Pull and “Gun”/”Charlie’s Angels” Drill.  Instructor also reviews stabilization when running (keeping body moving forward and not up/down or side to side – “gun drill”).  NOTE: The 2nd part of this video gives a demo of upward movement using a box jump drill. Just stay grounded! Use the hand over head with a partner, as demo’d, to help curb the up/down motion of the body.


Next, this video reviews another common running error (heel strike) and reviews the Forward Lean position and Falling correctly using a Bunny Hop drill.


The last site is Dr. Romanov’s site on pose running.  You may find good info/resources on it, too.


*A word of warning:  Be sure you have mobilized and warmed up sufficiently before AND after working on these drills. You may experience soreness the next day, so be prepared.  is a great website for shoes and other accessories at better prices.