1. Track your wellness.

2. Reading

Preventing Ministry Failure

Foundation Stone 5, Pages 170-178

Emotionally Healthy Leader

Read Chapter 5, Pages 162-176

Emotionally Healthy Woman

In light of Chapter 5, process through these questions:

1. Think of a time when you felt unfairly blamed for something. How did that make you feel?

2. Think of a time when you were angry. Who (or what) were you tempted to blame? Share your answer with the group. 

3. How would you describe Adam and Eve’s relationship with God in Genesis 3:8-13?

4. How would you describe their relationship with each other?

5. What feelings might be behind Adam’s and Eve’s blaming each other and then God (v 12-13)?

6. In what areas of your life are you most tempted to blame others? Why?

7. Respond to the following:

A. The Fence of Separateness:

Where and when do you allow your boundaries to be crossed?

B. The Violence of Declaration:

When (and with whom) do you have difficulty speaking up?

C. The Yes/No Medallion:

To whom do you find it difficult to say no?

D. The Heart of Feeling:

Which feelings do you avoid?

E. The Oxygen Mask of Self-Care:

Where are you failing in self-care?

F. The Mirror of Self-Confrontation:

Which truths about yourself are you avoiding?

G. The Key of Hope:

In which areas of your life do you think things will never change?

H. The Hat of Wisdom:

In which areas of your life are you being impulsive and not asking the difficult questions?

I. The Badge of Courage:

For which one of these tools do you need the most courage?