Get Ready to begin a MissionFiT Life

Head and shoulders shot of Kelsey Elmore, founder of MissionFit.

Thank you for your interest in getting started with a MissionFit Life.

Take a few minutes to think about your health and if you are FiT for the Mission God has for you.

Jesus left us with 1 mission: Go make disciples.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19

Additionally, God has given us each a unique gift to use on our own personal mission.

“A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other” 1 Corinthians 12:7

I love to use the terms, God desires for us to ‘live out’ our mission, not ‘tap-out’ of our mission. Both Jesus’ mission for all of us and our own personal one. Good health frees up Christians to be able to use their God-given gifts in their church and community more and better. When people get fit and healthy, they feel better and when people feel well, they are more able and willing to serve.

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Kelsey Elmore

Founder & Trainer


“I really needed that conversation today. It’s been so long
since anyone has gotten on my health and exercise and
called me out on my bad habits.”

Shane Ardner, Veteran
“This workshop was an absolutely awesome experience!
More than we expected and we particularly recognized that your team
genuinely cared about our wellbeing.” 
Stanley Mills

“I think anyone who wants help getting focused on overall spiritual and physical health should definitely sign up for this workshop!”

Karen Whitlock

“I’ve grown in my confidence with overcoming obstacles,
which has helped me in my fight against sin.”

John Martyn, Missionary

“My mind is not distracted by as many physical issues. The increase in energy helps me stay focused on the direction that God has for me.”

Kevin Monahan, 12 Stones Pastor
“Six months ago, my total cholesterol triglycerides were high. I told my doctor to give me 6 months to see if I could make a difference. Exercise made all the difference, but when you add it to eating well and proper supplements, you have the whole package and you can’t help but succeed. Thanks MissionFiT for the role you played in my return to health.”
Debbie Bishop
“As a pastor that spends a lot of time sitting, reading and talking, it’s real easy to allow my health to deteriorate. Training has helped me better steward my body, freeing me up to serve the Lord and the community with greater energy.”
Dhati Lewis, Pastor and Ministry Leader