In case you missed today’s workout:

Workout #1

There was an army that attacked Israel. Moses was standing on a hill, overlooking the battlefield and the Lord said ‘raise your arms and the Israelite army will win’. As long as Moses’ hands were raised, the Israelites were winning. But Moses’ arms were getting weary and he couldn’t hold them up as long. As Moses’ arms would fall, so would the Israelite army falter begin losing the battle. So teammates came alongside Moses to help hold his arms up. And the result? The Israelites could keep winning. As a result, they defeated the enemy army!

This workout is a ton of arm work. Lift those hands high!

10 Floor Seated Shoulder Presses
Left arm side plank for 20 arm pass throughs
Right arm side plank for 20 arm pass throughs

Workout # 2

(God is my judge…no one else – do not fall prey to comparison) 

100 Kettlebell Thrusters for time