So…you missed today’s workout:

Workout #1

Esther demonstrates for us great inner strength. In order to save her people, she had to gather her courage then approach the King to make herself known. As she did do, God went before her, allowing the King to hear her request. So today, we engage in a strength workout. Think about the courage and strength Esther summoned from within to do such a bold thing and so selflessly.

15 KB Bench Press
15 Side bends on each side
4 Rounds Not For Time
*Be sure to rest 90 seconds in between sets.

Workout #2

Nehemiah was cup-bearer to the king. In addition to an important position in the King’s counsel, Nehemiah held privilege. Nehemiah learned that the remnant of Jews in Judah were in distress, partly because the walls of Jerusalem were broken down. So, after asking God for intercession, he asked the king for permission to return and rebuild the city.

Much of the book tells of how Nehemiah planned and rallied the people to climb ladders and rebuild the wall in sections. In addition, Nehemiah went about his task decently and in order.

So think about climbing ladders and completing your task, this workout, in the same manner.

During the First Minute: Complete 1 Burpee
In Minute 2: 2 Burpees
In Minute 3: 3 Burpees
Continue climbing in Minute 4: 4 Burpees
…continue pattern until you can’t get the amount of burpees in within the minute