Eating Out + Travel Eating

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Look up the menus from 3 of your most common restaurants to eat out at. Find 2 healthy meal options at each one so you can be prepared the next time you go out.



It’s definitely possible to eat healthy while traveling. Your quality might go down a tad, as you might not always be able to get grass-fed or wild caught, but you can certainly watch the calories and balance the macros. It just comes down to remembering your basics – Protein – Carb – Fat. Here’s some tips…

Part 1: Mastering Restaurant Eating

Support Local Small Business & Farms!

  • More restaurants serve local meats & veggies today than ever before.  Look for those “foodie”, non-chain restaurants
  • Grass-fed & Free-Range meats, organic veggies, gluten-free


Do your Research!

  • Ask Around 
  • Search Online
  • Recommend Places You’ve Found or Heard About When Dining w/Friends


Don’t show up starving!

  • Take an Apple or other Fruit
  • Eat a Light Snack before going


What to drink?

  • Water with lemon
  • Seltzer or Club



  • Choose Meat or Veggies


Hold the bread!

  • Ask Wait-staff not to bring bread to the table
  • Ordering a Hamburger or other “Sandwich”? Ask for “No Bun”.  Even Fast Food Places will comply.


Main Dish should Contain:

  • Protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs)
  • Carb (Fruits & Veggies)
  • Fat ( Olive Oil, Butter, Coconut Milk, Avocado)


Ask For:

  • Grilled or Baked in butter, not oil OR grill dry
  • Ask for Guacamole or Avocado on the side
  • Steamed or Grilled Veggies
  • Baked Sweet Potato instead of Regular Baked Potato


Create Your Own Meal!

  • Get the Biggest Salad & add protein
  • Ask for toppings like grilled veggies
  • Ask for Olive Oil & Vinegar or Dressing on the Side
  • No Croutons!


Need a Little Sweet?

  • Try Fruit – Grilled or as a Side
  • Black Coffee or Espresso


Breakfast – Stick to Traditional:

  • Eggs (cooked to order), Bacon, Sausage (gluten-free), ham, & steak
  • Fruit instead of hash browns, pancakes, toast or biscuit

        Want an OMELET?

  • Are Eggs “Fresh Cracked” or from a bag?


Part 2: Airport Eating

  • Find a restaurant once you’re settled in and waiting for your flight. Grab a solid meal before hopping on that long flight. Same as above applies. 
  • Pack snacks. Jerky, trail mix, dried fruit, protein bar are all great purse/backpack snacks to bring along for a flight. 
  • As soon as you get off the flight, plan for a meal. Where will you eat? Find a nearby restaurant and get a meal in. 
  • Intermittent fasting is a great thing when it comes to travel! These are perfect days for an intermittent or a full day fast.

Part 3: Traveling to Another City?

Do your research! What’s there? Spend 10 minutes perusing the internet. Easy google “healthy restaurants Austin, TX”. Look through some menus.




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