Possibly, the more purpose we have, the more focused we are on our own intentions, the less we will be caught up with what others are doing. The comparison-game can be very detrimental to your mindset. And I think we can all agree, God is not a fan of comparison first and foremost. Let’s look at this from a “mental edge” perspective,:


6 Reminders When You Get Frustrated By The Success of Others:

Repurpose Your Energy

1. You’re wasting valuable energy by concerning yourself with what someone is doing.

You can’t control it. Stop following what that person is doing (un-following certain people on social media can be very helpful). Get back to what you can influence ASAP.

2. Think about how capable you are and what you CAN do.

Review your improvement overtime. Recall where you were on the start of your fitness journey. Where are you now? Check your results and spend some time reflecting with a coach.


Comparison Kills

3. “They” are not you.

“They” have their own desires, goals and motivations. Also, “they” may be seeking something that you’re not. Therefore, “they” are probably on an entirely different path than you are. Good for them!

4. Just because someone does something once, doesn’t mean they will repeat it or do it in competition.

It also doesn’t mean that he or she is a better athlete than you.  On paper (or on Instagram), he or she might be able to do something. But what does that matter? All that matters is who can adapt and perform at a particular time when it matters most. Always remember that ANYTHING can happen. That’s why you play the game!


The “Meek” Are Not Weak

5. Check your ego. Remember you are far more than your performance.

Does your belief in yourself fluctuate based on how you compare to others? Are you always looking for feedback based on where you measure up?

6. Remind yourself of your goals and purpose.

Are any of your goals related to beating one person at a lift or a workout? If they are, change your goals!

If not, remind yourself of what you’re working to accomplish and why. Always come back to your own purpose, and what you can do to be proactive.

No matter what is going on, or what is wrong, there is always something to be grateful and thankful for. You simply must train yourself to start thinking about the good, instead of the bad.


Are YOU someone that falls prey to comparison? If so, in what area of life? Work? Life? Fitness? Wellness? Why? Pray about that today.