Do you worry that you’ll never quite measure up, or that your capabilities will be inadequate?

If you don’t perform your best, do you think you’ll be insufficient in some way?

Have you ever given your full effort but still felt discontent or undeserving?

Do you imagine that if you could just accomplish a certain goal, that you would finally feel like you are satisfied and that you are enough?

Your confidence will always struggle if it’s dependent on a result.

Bottom Line:

You are beyond worthy and more than “good enough” as you are without accomplishing anything specific. And that’s not MissionFiT saying that. Jesus tells us that! Use that belief to empower you, instead of hoping that reaching a goal will finally make you feel that you are adequate.

You don’t need to DO, prove, be, achieve or show anything. You already ARE awesome because you are made in His image and you are His child!

Are you trying to do, prove, be or achieve anything? Are you confident and content in who God has made you to be?