“Pounding Heart, Sweaty Palms & Jitters” Part 1

Flop sweats, anyone?

No one enjoys the physical symptoms that come with worry, doubt, nervousness or even excitement.
Do you wish that your face didn’t get red or you didn’t feel nauseous? How about your sweaty palms or fluttering heart? Bothered by the jitters before a big event or workout?

Handle It

You can be mad these physiological sensations give away your feelings. You can wait for them to go away. However, neither of those tactics are helpful. You can pretend you don’t have them, but that’s not the best strategy.  You can believe that jitters, or a racing heart rate will limit your ability to perform. But that won’t get you anywhere, either. It’s better to understand them, embrace them, and learn how to use these signs to help you.

Read The Signs

These physical signs, like a racing heart and sweaty palms, are very common. Even the most confident people feel them. Anyone who does something challenging or something they care about experiences similar sensations.  You can actually accept them and go forward in spite of them. You gain confidence by continuing to put yourself out there and go for it, regardless of your fears.

If you perceive these sensations as positive, then they’ll help you instead of limiting you. For example, you’re getting prepped for a big workout or an event and all of a sudden you’re sweating and your stomach is turning. You’re feeling a little nervous and anxious.

Stay Tuned…

Next session we will unpack some healthier ways to work through this kind of stress.