Do you define success as winning, and beating everyone? If so, you’ll often feel like you’re coming up short, or losing. Is loss defined in failure in your book? You may get discouraged and down on yourself. If you regularly feel like you “just can’t win” or you haven’t felt super “successful” recently, then you may need to change your perspective on what “win” means. Or what success is for you.


Redefine “Winning”

What if you redefined what you thought “winning” was, and therefore you could “win” more often?

See, learning is a success. Growth and development are successes. Full effort is a success. Pushing when you want to stop is a success. Overcoming any negative thoughts is a win. Adapting well to mishaps and challenges is success. Communicating effectively is succeeding.

When you start to redefine success, you might find that you’re able to dominate your goals because you’re more confident and focused.


Be Honest With Yourself

Acting like you are going to win all the time, when you’re really not sure, isn’t the best plan. Acting like you love all the workouts, and that everything is all good, even though you don’t and it’s not, isn’t necessarily the best approach.


But when you get to the place where you BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN WIN, that’s a mentality that will propel you forward.



WANTING to win is more important than stating that you’re going to win.
Really believing that you can be at the top is more valuable. Why? Because you recognize that you still MUST do the work, perform your best and compete really well that day.

You can’t just say that you will and that’s that. Plus, just saying that you will because you heard that’s what you’re “supposed” to say is stupid.
When you really want something, your desire will guide your actions. It’s best to know that anything is possible, and stay focused on what you can influence. Do all that you can to set yourself up to be wildly successful. Put all of your attention on the process, and HOW to get that win.



Go for it, reach for the top, but don’t get caught up in thinking you have to say “I believe I will win”. Just put in the work to get to the place where you truly believe that you CAN win. When you get there, you’ll put yourself in position to be at the top.