“The Little Things”

Are you doing the little things that will help make you a MUCH better athlete? Part of having a growth-mindset, is looking to get even 1% better by doing the small tasks.

What Do “Little Things” Look Like?

If you want that push-up so bad, do you take the time to build your push and pull strength and do drills 3-4x a week?
Are you at a plateau with your weight and frustrated? Have you asked for help or looked at what the next small changes in your diet may be?
Do you want to be leaner? Are you taking the time to weigh, measure and track your foods?
If you’re sick of others beating you in running, have you drilled form and committed to a run program?
How about building your mental strength? Are you taking the time to read books and listen to podcasts? *You are reading this, so that’s a positive*

These specific things don’t take long, but they will take commitment and effort.
It’s all about doing the little things. Because, before you know it they add up and you’ll be where you want to be.

All or Nothing?

Oftentimes, you may feel overwhelmed, thinking there is “soooo much” you “have” to do if you want to improve. Many people get stuck in a cycle of all-or-nothing thinking that’s really limiting them.

Find the Pattern…

They may think that if they’re not going to weigh and measure every day, then there is no point in doing it 3-5 days a week. So they just don’t track at all.
Maybe they think that if they’re not able to fit in all their “extra programming” there is no point in doing 5-10 minutes worth of drills. So they don’t do anything.
They may think that they can’t read for 20 minutes each night. So they don’t even read for 5 minutes and get lost scrolling through Insta-gram instead.
They may think that showing up to fitness class 1x a month isn’t “worth” it, so they just stop coming.
This is a trap.

Practice Makes Better

1% is 100% better than 0%. Think about that.
“All or nothing” thinking doesn’t help you get to the next level. Do whatever you can to remind yourself that the little things add up to make big differences. Enough double under attempts, enough reps of practice lead to success.


A. How has “all or nothing” thinking kept you from doing something recently?
B. What little thing could you do differently to get one step closer to where you want to be?
C. What will you change or implement this week to get 1% better?