Grow Or Stay

Today is about helping you develop a growth-mindset. If you’re ready to dig in and you’re willing to try, then you’re going to get to the next level. But, when you become unwilling, you shut down opportunities for growth. When you act like you have it all figured out, or like you don’t need any help, then you immediately become stagnant.

When you focus on the process, and on what you can do every day to learn, then you’re constantly getting better. The athletes that can continue to grow, evolve and develop are the ones who end up on top. But, you can’t focus on winning in order to win. You must focus on doing all that you can to continue to be more well-rounded (personally and athletically).

We are all works in progress. We can always continue to learn and become more aware. You simply must learn HOW to train your focus and be intentional about growth and the process.


Mindsets: The Difference

Be “Uncomfortable”

Learn to “get comfortable with the uncomfortable” in your physical training and it can transfer to life outside of the gym.
Initiating tough conversations or getting feedback from others may be very uncomfortable. But, when you PRACTICE anything that’s uncomfortable or tough for you, you get better. Sometimes the “uncomfortable” is physical, like going unbroken on a set of kettlebell swings. Other times, it’s more mental. What you overcome in the gym helps you in your personal life. What you overcome in your personal life helps you in the gym.


Let’s Try It Out

Here’s a trick to constant humbling, looking for ways to grow and improve. It’s a simple little exercise, and it can be immensely helpful for your awareness and for improving your relationships. 

Today, I challenge you to ask this simple question to at least 3 people in your “inner circle.”
“What can I do to be a better ______ (friend, husband, leader, training partner, coach, client, etc.)”
*Ask people who are important to you and who you want to continue to keep close to you.


Here’s another trick to strengthening mindset:
There is no right or wrong way to train…as long as you are staying fit and improving. But, are you doing what’s best for you? Are you challenging yourself to train in different environments, to increase your mental strength?

Stick with what you do well for about 75% of your training. If you’re really trying to be competitive, you’ll want to challenge yourself with the other 25% of your workouts. The key is that you’re able to give high effort and solid execution REGARDLESS of who you’re training with or where you’re training.

Continue to challenge yourself to mix it up so that you can build mental strength, expose weaknesses, and push yourself to overcome the uncomfortable.


Check Your Excuses

The longer you train, the more you’ll realize that you’re not going to “feel” fantastic every training session. You may feel tired, stressed, sore, frustrated or unmotivated. There will be MANY days that you’re just not feeling your best.

First, it’s helpful to understand that every single person can identify something that doesn’t feel “great.” Too many athletes get caught up thinking about how sore they are, how they don’t feel confident, how tired they are, and then begin thinking that’s why they aren’t going to be able to perform at a high level. Don’t let your “feelings” limit you.

If you wait until you feel like it, or until you feel great, you might be waiting a long time. Oftentimes, if you act first, or get yourself going, you’ll begin to feel a lot better.
You can decide that you’re still going to put your best effort forward, and go for it, regardless of how you think you’re feeling. Commit to getting started, and trust your body to take over and do the work. Your feelings don’t define you. You decide how you response to your feelings.


(For the Hard Day)


Here’s a great idea for that day when you really don’t want to work out but know you should. Pick your favorite 2 movements and do an “EMOM” for 12-20 minutes.

“EMOM” = Every Minute On the Minute

First Minute: 7 Kettlebell Swings
Next Minute: 7 Push-ups
Third Minute: 7 Kettlebell Swings
Last Minute: 7 Push-ups
…continue pattern until the end of desired time domain