To really know your true courage, you have to be able to face your biggest fears. You can let your fears limit you. Or you can decide that you want to grow beyond them. It’s natural to feel afraid and to worry about how things might turn out. Because we all feel fear and doubt, it’s incredibly important that we share these thoughts and emotions with others.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”
– Nelson Mandela

Be okay with fear. When you accept it, and choose to go forward in spite of it, it will carry less weight.


Handle Fear

If you feel it, it is real to you. Instead of acting like everything is fine, reach out to your family or friends. Fear is a shared experience — we ALL have fears. You may think that being “fearless” makes you “mentally tough”. But, the thing is, you can’t fake it. When fear is real, it’s real. It doesn’t mean it will last forever, or that it will always limit you.

Your fears might be small like wondering what someone will think of you. Maybe you wonder how others perceive you if you don’t do the workout prescribed. Your fears may be big. Fearing you’ll be alone, or that you’ll never feel good enough.

Being okay with being afraid (even if it’s just a little) is the first step to overcoming it. So,improve your mental strength. Embrace your fear, talk it out, and figure out ways to get through it.


1. Which am I most afraid of? Not…
– Being enough
– Having enough
– Doing enough

2. After you’ve selected your answer, write down your reflections on what you’re most fearful of and why. For example, if you chose “not being enough” – what do fear you won’t be, or won’t become. Why do you think you feel that way? In what ways have you seen this expressed in your training or life?

3. Think of a time that you felt afraid, or timid, but decided to go for it. Then, think about what it felt like to overcome it.