“Go Without It”

We really appreciate what we have, when we go without it, lose it, or get close to losing it. By going without, we can also build mental strength, awareness and confidence. Each time we don’t “have” something that we are used to having, our eyes are opened and realizations occur.

Have you ever challenged yourself to go a period of time without something that you love or do regularly? We strongly believe that the practice of removing things from your life (even for a little while) is one of the best ways to improve your mindset.

What To Give Up

There are thoughts and beliefs you can give up to be more optimistic and determined. There are words you can give up to improve your mindset. You can always work to do less, have less, and simplify.

If you’ve given up sugar, alcohol, gluten, coffee, TV, social media, or any other comfort or pleasure, then you know how much you appreciate it when you DO get to do or have that thing you’ve gone without. Or, you find that you don’t even miss it and are actually better off without it.

Two things may happen after you eliminate something for a certain period of time:

1. Your appreciation grows for what you do have and what you can do. It may help you be more compassionate to others who don’t have choices. You may realize just how blessed and lucky you are. This is always a good thing. You may find that you’re even more grateful when you do choose to have that experience again.

2. You realize you don’t really “need” it. Well, at least you aren’t tied to it or dependent on it. You feel fine and can actually flourish without it. You’re likely to find that you feel better and healthier without it….and that’s when the challenge really worked.

1. Is there anything you feel “dependent on” that you could try to go without?
2. Are there any habits that you could challenge yourself to stop for 1-4 weeks?

Hopefully, in this season of The LeaderFiT Challenge, you are already working on some of these items.