Mental Strength

Mental strength is the ability to face challenge and persevere through it. It’s about learning to be steadfast and remain on course regardless of the discomfort.

Strength is about becoming someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get 1% better.

Mental strength is about becoming someone who’s willing to deal with what most people won’t – physical and mental/emotional discomfort.

Many know how to push hard in the gym. But they shy away from the other discomforts in life like challenging conversations, admitting weakness, sharing struggles and looking for ways to become healthier as a whole person.

Strength is about being someone who is willing to ask for help and seek out support.

It’s about becoming someone who is going to share their fears and put themselves out there. It’s about being someone who will actually say “no” or pivot and change directions when the path becomes unhealthy.

Improving Mental Strength

You improve your mental strength by facing your fears and working on your weaknesses, in ALL uncomfortable situations that come up in your training, workouts and life. As you improve, you become stronger by creating more meaning to your actions.  Then you gain confidence from trying and learning, even when you fall on your face.

Think about how you could improve your mental strength, every single day, in every single situation… so that you can be more resilient in the gym when the workout gets tough.
As you build your mental strength, you’ll find it easier to pursue your goals and overcome future challenges. You will be able to stay focused on your visions, regardless of what others think. You’ll be able to overcome setbacks and issues in your workplace, relationships, and training.


Seek The Un-Comfortable

Counter intuitive, isn’t it? The more you seek uncomfortable situations in one area of your life, the more likely you’ll do it in another. To be your best at anything (life, work, relationships, sport, fitness), you must continue to attack challenges and try different methods to best work through the adversity.

Consistently training your weaknesses is one of the best ways to build mental strength. When you’re willing to expose and attack anything that makes you uncomfortable, you’ll continue to feel your confidence soar.
Would you be uncomfortable if someone asked you to redo your “least favorite” workouts from the past?
The best athletes in any sport can actually get excited about training weaknesses. They are always trying to expose themselves to the uncomfortable.


Create 2 workouts that you reaaaallllllllly do not want to see in the programming.
Think through time domains, movements, combinations, or rep schemes that you are incredibly uncomfortable with or just plain dislike. These might be workouts that you’ve faced before. Or it could be a workout that you just make up.
To take it to the next level. Try one of the workouts on your own this week.