1. Track your wellness.

2. Reading: 

Preventing Ministry Failure

Foundation Stone 2, Pages 65-81

The Emotionally Healthy Leader

Read Chapter 2, Pages 66-80

Emotionally Healthy Woman

In light of Chapter 2 process through these questions:

1. In what kinds of situations or circumstances do you find it hard to be truthful? Why?

2. Recall a situation in the last few days when your speech has not been respectful, honest, clear, or timely. Now in your head, re-do that conversation. However, this time speaking respectfully, honestly, and clearly.

3. We often internalize unspoken messages from our families and culture. This makes it easy for us to lie to ourselves or to others. Name one message, you unconsciously internalized while growing up, that impacts your ability to be truthful now. For example, “Don’t show your feelings.” “Don’t talk back.” “Always be nice.” “Don’t fight.” “Always be good.” “You must be successful.”

4. In what situations (or with whom) are you most tempted to wear a mask and not “appear with (your) own true face”?