200 meter walk, jog or run

10 reps of each new movement with great form

Rest 30-60 seconds

3-5 rounds based on how you feel




Movement Physiology & Function:


Side Plank:

Muscles worked – peroneus longus & tibialis anterior (side calf muscles), IT, quad, glute, abs, obliques heavily, serratus anterior, delts; Same as the before with the planks, but you’re just taxing various muscles more when on the side, ie the obliques


Application – We’ve talked about a strong core already. Core does not simply mean the abs. Your core is the whole truck all the way around, even the low back.


Lateral Bound:

Muscles worked – IT’s, quads, calves, hamstrings, glutes, abs


Application – “Plyometric exercise” – plyometric exercises, the free, natural range of movement means that smaller, auxiliary muscles and tendons, often neglected with fixed range exercises, see the attention that they need. The result of this can be improved balance, symmetrical strength and better posture.



Muscles worked – delts, pecs, triceps, abs, quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, back muscles


Application – Especially those of you that are parents or grandparents, the burpee is a great exercise to train. How many times a day do you get down on the floor to find the lego block or matchbox car that is lost somewhere under the couch? Perfect application. More importantly we love to highlight the mental depth of the burpee more than any other movement. Over in over in life we get knocked down but have to work to get back up. The burpee is the most mentally transitioning movement – period! Life is hard. Jesus never said this life, this walk would be easy. But we need to get our heads in the game to work and work hard. Get down. Get back up. Get down. Get back up.


Bear Crawl:

Muscles worked – abs, iliopsoas, pecs, neck muscles, traps, scapulas, thoraco-lumbar, glutes, shoulder muscles like serratus.


Application – Bear crawls you don’t necessarily use in everyday life, maybe in military life or for working in your dreaded crawl space. However, we train the bear crawl because it covers so much fitness ground – strength, cardio, coordination, and flexibility all in 1. #bangforyourbuck


Kettlebell Deadlift:

Muscles worked – The Kettlebell Deadlift activates most muscles in the body and relies on the posterior chain consisting of the Glutes, Hamstrings and Back Extensors.


Application – Picking up moving boxes, kids, dog food, etc. We pick things up from the floor all day long! And many of us not with great form.