***Don’t forget, Bring A Friend Day is your class!***

It is 1 aspect of the 5 fold health module we believe in here at MissionFiT. Community matters. That’s why we are taking a whole day to focus on this. We would love for you to plan to bring one or a few of your most special friends to come engage in class with you that day. There will be some community fun, social health education learning the connection between social health and physical health, and even a small workout that YOU athletes will help lead that is scalable for all levels! We want your community to know what you’ve been up to and be a part of cheering you on in the process!

No need to sign up anywhere, just let us know in class who you plan to bring. 🙂

Don’t forget to practice your new movements!

200 meter walk, jog or run

10 reps of each new movement with great form

Rest 30-60 seconds

3-5 rounds based on how you feel


  • KB lat pullovers – Instructional Video Here 
  • Arnold Press – Instructional Video Here 


Movement Physiology & Function:

KB Lat Pullovers:

Muscles Used – “heavy in the lower shoulder stabilizer muscles”, biceps, triceps, pecs, forearms, delts, 

lots of shoulder muscles, lats 

Real life application – This is an accessory support strengthening movement. Not a functional one.



Arnold Press:

Muscles Used – All 3 heads of the deltoid, pectoralis major, coracobrachialis, supraspinatus, serratus 

anterior and the upper and lower portions of the trapezius, triceps brachii.

Real life application – Not perfectly transitional but it is preparing you to lift things overhead in everyday life.