***Please Print, Fill Out, and bring this form back to your next class!***


Don’t forget to practice your new movements!

200 meter walk, jog or run

10 reps of each new movement with great form

Rest 30-60 seconds

3-5 rounds based on how you feel



Movement Physiology & Function:

Pendlay row:

Muscles Used – Latissimus dorsi, also known as the lats; Middle trapezius; Rhomboids

Everyday life – Bending over looking through boxes or something and pulling items out. 


Seated shoulder press:

Muscles Used – Anterior Deltoid, Medial Deltoid and upper portion of the Pectoralis Major.

Everyday life – Pushing things overhead from a seated position.


Hi pull accessory strength:

Muscles Used – primarily the upper and mid trapezius, 

Everyday life – We do pulling motions in life everyday. The hi pull example is pulling grocery bags up onto the counter. 


1 Leg Lateral suicides:

Muscles Used – primarily the abductors, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves

Everyday life – this is an accessory movement



Muscles Used – almost every single muscle in the body!

Everyday life – The thruster is a total body movement that demands high amounts of force output from the quadriceps, hips, and upper body. In addition to strength, the thruster requires an athlete to be able to progressively accelerate a heavy load so that it has enough velocity to be locked out overhead.


Squat jumps with heel clicks:

Muscles Used – same as the squat jump but a little more adductor work

Everyday life – the squat portion is functional and the jump part of it is accessory