Baselining is Complete for ReStart and LeaderFiT Athletes!

Baselining is Complete for ReStart and LeaderFiT Athletes as of last week! This is a huge milestone for both groups.     If you're looking to get into better shape, the first thing that exercise experts recommend is for you to determine your fitness baseline, which is your current physical fitness level. What this does is give you a point [...]

Excitement is Building Taking Back Their Health

For our newest leaders, excitement is building taking back their health. At the health screenings the other week, we asked about outcomes they are hoping to get out of this.   “If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” Benjamin Franklin You don’t get better when you win, you actually get better in the process of trying to win. You [...]

MissionFiT’s Lunch Ladies – Episode 002 with Lady Kimberly

    Lunch Ladies - Episode 002 with Lady Kimberly   Today's Menu: Fall Football Wings!   Today's How To:

MissionFiT’s Lunch Ladies – The Pilot

Lunch Ladies - Episode 001 with Lady Kelsey   Today's Menu: Veggie Tales or Veggie Tips?!   For more cooking tips, tune in on Friday's at noon.

Missio Dei

Missio is the Latin word for "Mission", our 'first name'. ;) Learn about "Missio Dei", the mission of God is and how that pertains to us. Below, these scholars, Wycliffe, Laxton, Bosch, Hirsch help us define and understand the term "Missio Dei"..... Relationship between Imago Dei and Missio Dei Francis DuBose in his work, God Who Sends, highlights the relationship between the imago [...]

MissionFiT Lunch Ladies – Episode 004 with Lady Kathi

Lunch Ladies - Episode 004 with Lady Kathi   Today's Menu: Chorizo on Arugula and Tuna Sardine Salad Today's How To:   For more Lunch Lady recipes, stay tuned here on Fridays.  

ReStart is Right Around The Corner

ReStart is Right Around The Corner, so be sure to Pre-Register to solidify your spot! September 7th we launch again with our newest groups of Pastors.   MissionFiT... is a ministry that exists to get Christian leaders Faithful In Training so they can be FiT for the mission the Lord has called them to. Our definition of "training" goes far [...]

Summer and Fall Registration now OPEN for Christian Leaders in Charlotte!

Summer and Fall Registration is now OPEN for Christian leaders in Charlotte. If you're in the line of ministry, we want to teach you how to thrive in your career, not just survive... and it starts with YOU! “As we all know, the health of pastors is very important, so we can be more effective, less distracted, less divided in [...]

The Art of Motivation

The Art of Motivation can be tough, but when we motivate with Jesus and not the world it can be powerful, teaches Pastor John Piper.     "Motivation is an art, and like any art it requires wisdom and skill. And like any art, it can be done poorly. Wise Christian motivation centers on joy, and it centers on joy because [...]

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