The Value Of Friendships

Learn How & Why You Need To Value Your Friendships If you're an "I Love Lucy" fan, then you may recall the little jingle Lucy & Ethel sang about friendships.  And if you have friends, you also know the value of friendships.  Lucy & Ethel demonstrated how special friendships can be.    Just being able to talk a close friend [...]

Week 1 ISI 2021

Get Ready!  The Workout For ISI 2021 Week 1 Is Here! Boy time flies!  May is already upon us and that means Week #1 of the ISI 2021 (Iron Sharpens Iron) Competition.  This annual event pits local church pastors and lay leaders against each other in a friendly fitness competition.  For more information on the event itself, visit 3rd Annual [...]

Get Your Essential Oils

Now's The Time To Order!  Make Sure You Get The Essential Oils! Essential oils are extracts from different plants.  They can be used as aroma therapy or applied directly to the skin.  And now you can get your essential oils from MissionFiT!  Read on to learn more. Essential Oil - The Basics "An essential oil is "essential" in the sense that [...]

The Good & Bad of Coffee

"Java Jive": Let's Learn Some Good & Bad About Coffee The 1940 tune "Java Jive" , popularized by The Ink Spots & The Manhattan Transfer, opens "I love coffee, I love tea...".  If you love a morning pick-me-up, then keep reading.  You'll want to learn more about the good & bad about coffee! The Good Coffee does have several "ups", [...]

“Mind”-ing What You Eat

Learn A Few Tricks To "Mind"-ing What You Eat Losing weight can be hard work.  You lift the weights and run, bike or walk the miles but are you "mind'-ing what you eat?  Even though you watch what you eat, the weight stubbornly refuses to budge.  Maybe the problem is how you eat. "Mind"-ing What I Eat? Essentially, being aware [...]

A New Year Means Check-Ups

Don’t Forget Your Check-Up For The New Year A new year usually means check-ups.  Annual check-ups on your car, your pets and yourself.  If you are part of the MissionFiT family of athletes, then you should know the importance of getting a physical every year.   It’s Still Early in the Year...I’ll Get My Check-Up Soon Sometimes, procrastination is a [...]

PTSD & Trauma: Struggling & Getting Help

Are You Struggling With PTSD Or Trauma And Not Getting Help? "Danny", a US Army Veteran, had PTSD & Trauma, was struggling and not getting help.  He said, "We joked about [PTSD & Trauma] because we were afraid what was happening to us...made us weak and that was something that was not acceptable".  Many people do not seek help when [...]

Bring Your Friends!

MissionFiT Wants You to Bring Your Friends! So many athletes have asked "Can I bring friends to class?" that we're saying YES, You Can!  AND... Here Are The Rules To Bring Your Friends: Please schedule your friend to come with you to class BEFOREHAND.  Contact Coach K directly: No large group "Bring A Friend" days until large groups can [...]

Wear Your MissionFiT Gear!

Now You Can Wear Your MF Gear Year-Round! MissionFiT now offers all-temperature gear so you can wear your allegiance year-round! But The Garage Has Heat... Maybe so.  But you still have to get to the garage.  Besides, you want to look good, right?  That's why MissionFiT has commissioned a local vendor to create sweatshirts specific to MissionFiT. And When The [...]

2020: A Year-End Review

2020:  A Special Year-End Review 2020 is a "special" year for a year-end review.  And, MissionFiT has done a special year-end review of what has been accomplished by the athletes and ministry alike, and has sketched out the ministry's focus for the coming year. A Year-End Review of ALL Your Gifts in 2020 As an employee at the Billy Graham [...]