Training with MissionFiT is a proven movement that produces sustainable health in the body of believers to empower them to be a conduit for the community.

Two Miles, No Sweat!

You, Too, Can Reach "Two Miles, No Sweat!" Adventuring To Athens Many teams have already hit two cities with no sweat and found that three cities were better yet.  See which countries have forged ahead while singing "One Mile, No Good!  Two Miles, No Sweat!" Adventure to Athens Recap Two weeks ago, twenty MissionFiT teams began the Adventure To Athens [...]

Cool, Clear Water

Learn Why You Need To Be Concerned With Cool, Clear Water, Too! The Sons of The Pioneers, Marty Robbins and others sang about the cool water while walking through the "barren waste".  Well, they aren't alone.  If you are an athlete or even plan on doing some type of outdoor work, you need to make sure you have plenty of [...]

A “Method” To The Madness

There Is A "Method" To Running Madness.  Learn To Run Efficiently! Many of us believe that once we tie up the shoe laces and head outdoors we are ready to run.  However, it isn't that easy.  MissionFiT offers a short seminar to teach athletes run mechanics through the Pose Method.  Take some time to adjust bad habits and learn the "method" [...]

MissionFiT’s New Class

Come Join MissionFiT's Newest Class:  RECLAIM MissionFiT is intentional about helping folks help themselves, especially when those folks are in the tougher times of life.  Maybe you or someone you know is in a season of life that seems everything sets off a new problem until the camel has taken on his last straw.  If so, then Reclaim, MissionFiT's newest [...]

Workout On Vacation!

Want To Schedule A Workout On Vacation?  MissionFiT Has You Covered! "Summer's here and the time is right for dancin' in the street"...according to Martha & The Vandellas.  So make sure you take time to workout when you go on vacation this summer.  Need help?  MissionFiT has an assortment of travel friendly workouts and sessions that will help you stay [...]

2021 Summer Journey: Adventure to Athens!

The 2021 MissionFiT Summer Journey: Let's Adventure to Athens!   This summer MissionFiT athletes, families and friends will board planes. trains and automobiles in an effort to reach Athens, Greece.  Okay.  The athletes won't literally travel to Athens.  However, this year's Summer Journey Adventure to Athens promises to be just that... an adventure.  Read on to learn more! What:  To [...]

Choices Create Habits

How Bad Choices Create Bad Habits If you follow Tony Evans, maybe you've heard his take on "A Messed Up Nation".  Evans' explanation really boils down to the choices we make in life.  And bad choices can and usually do create bad habits. In Evans' estimation, the first bad choice would be a decision to not follow God.  However, good [...]

Week #4 ISI 2021

You Made It!  This Is Week #4 of the ISI 2021 Competition The Final Week!  Congratulations for making it to Week #4 of the ISI 2021 Fitness Event.    It's been quite a trip hasn't it?  You've been tested with full-body workouts, endurance and some strength.  In a short time, you've probably had to learn a few things on the [...]

Week #3 ISI 2021

You Made The Halfway Mark.  This Is Week #3 ISI 2021   Week #3 of ISI 2021 begins today.  You're halfway through the challenge.  How do you feel?   What have you learned so far that you can take to this workout?  This annual event pits MissionFiT athletes from all over the city against one other in a friendly fitness competition.  [...]

Support A “Limp” Lymph

When The Lymph System Gets Limp...And How You Can Support It Coach K recently attended a (virtual) seminar entitled The Lymphatic Rescue Summit put on by  This blog is a compilation of what she learned about supporting a "limp" lymph. What Is The Lymphatic System? The lymph-system encompasses much more than just your tonsils.  Vital organs and other sub-systems [...]